Bonfire Night with Your Dog

Bonfire Night

Bonfire night can be a nightmare for both pets and pet owners.  The RSPCA estimates that 45% of dogs are scared by fireworks, and received 436 calls relating to fireworks during October and November 2015.

We have put together a few ways that you can make your dog a little bit more comfortable during the bonfire period.

Firstly, keep your pet inside whilst fireworks are likely to be going off, and keep windows and doors closed.  One thing we do (with some success) is to make sure the TV is turned up louder than usual, and that we have an action film on to try and mask the sound of the fireworks.

Just in case the worst happens and your pet does manage to escape, make sure they have an ID tag.

Make sure your pet has a suitable hiding place with plenty of bedding that they can huddle down into to feel safe.  Because scared animals tend to pant, make sure fresh water is close by.

Try not to fuss over your pet whilst they are scared because this will make things worse by reinforcing the behaviour.  And certainly don’t tell them off.  Stay calm and ignore the commotion – your dog should follow your lead.

Make sure you have been out for a good, long walk earlier in the day.  This should help to reduce their energy levels.

Finally, pet calming products are available that can help your pet stay relaxed.  Please speak to your vet before using these, however.